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Are you struggling to figure out how to best leverage social media into your job search marketing plan? My upcoming book, "I'm Job Searching, Now What???" will delve into using social media as one of the multiple strategies in your job search. I wanted to touch on a couple of ways you might use social media in your job search with Twitter. photo credit: woodleywonderworks LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, etc. all provide a great research platform. I use LinkedIn many times when I'm researching a company because not only does it give me the company information, key statistics, news articles, etc., but it also provides me information about with whom I'm connected. I use this information to see if the company and my connections within the company are on Twitter. If they are, I will begin to follow them. Why? I may be able to get a sense of company culture, job postings that... (more)

Symbian Petition Grows Daily

Psion, maker of the EPOC OS upon which the Symbian OS was originally constructed, is apparently readying its NETBOOK PRO for market, successor to its netBook handheld computer. The only small problem is: Psion is planning to use as the OS for the wireless device not Symbian OS v7 but Windows CE .NET. Symbian OS fans are incensed and at once started an online petition - it has already attracted over 1800 signatures - to get Psion to reverse its decision. The petition was written by Ian Silvester and claims to represent the views of what he calls "the worldwide Psion user community." It is being hosted at www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. ... (more)

Highlights From Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

St. Maarten SCYE2004 Photo Album Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting Photo Album 2004 The mood was definitely upbeat on Thursday, October 28, as the 45th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show commenced with the largest opening day crowd in its history. The YV&C staff was on hand and spent most of their time at Bahia Mar and Las Olas, touring the show's superyachts. We're happy to report that the weather was sunny and beautiful, the brokers were optimistic, the crews were as gracious as ever, and the yachts were crowded with prospective clients for both sale and charter. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with so many of you. Following is our Fort Lauderdale Photo Album with some highlights from this year's show. Enjoy - and here's to a great season!     (October 28, 2004) - Carmen Gonzalez, executive vice president of advertising sales, Fuat Kircaali... (more)

Jim Little's Symbian Blog: Symbian Signed Freeware Route to Market

Symbian Signed Freeware Route to Market As of October 2005 Developers who develop freeware applications can get their applications "signed" without having to pay commercial test fees to Symbian LTD - great idea and great programme - download the eligibility details here for more information posted Saturday, 15 October 2005 2 PM EST ... (more)

Symbian & Open Source: The Momentum Grows

A recently published round-up of useful Symbian applications that are all open source confirms that, while tracking down open source applications for Symbian isn't a cakewalk, there are rich pickings for those who persevere. Among the useful apps recommended were the following: Calculator, written by Konstantin Knizhnik jFreeSafe - a password storage application developed in Java by Laszlo Marai Bemused - for controlling your music collection remotely using Bluetooth OggPlay - for playing play .ogg audio files Shopper2 - another  Kostantin Knizhnik app Torch - allows you to use your phone as a flashlight(!) Bomber - a Java game created initially by www.whiletrue.com Frozen Bubble - a popular GPL-licensed Linux game ... (more)

Google Gang Unveils "gPhone" Platform, Android

Google made its first public move today to put its brand on the mobile sector, announcing an Open Handset Alliance of 33 partner companies committed to advancing an open source platform called Android. Google's partners, gathered apparently over the last year, include T-Mobile, Motorola, Sprint Nextel, China Mobile, KDDI, NTT DoCoMo, Telecom Italia, eBay and Telefonica as well as HTC, Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, TI and Wind River. Obviously Apple, Microsoft and Nokia aren't members. In a canned statement Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who sits on Apple's board, said, "Today's announcement is more ambitious than any single 'Google Phone' that the press has been speculating about over the past few weeks. Our vision is that the powerful platform we're unveiling will power thousands of different phone models." Schmidt wouldn't say one way or the other whether Google will ultima... (more)

Cisco Expands Virtualization Across Data Center Portfolio

Continuing to fulfill and expand the Cisco Data Center 3.0 initiative, Cisco announced new products and professional services that will help customers virtualize data centers for greater operational and energy efficiency. The new offerings make the virtual network a highly efficient platform for delivering data center services-accelerating, providing security, and orchestrating application delivery networks, servers, virtualized computing, and storage, while providing greater responsiveness and resource conservation. "Real-time collaborative applications, energy concerns and the need to achieve greater efficiency from assets are driving IT managers to transform their data centers through new technologies," said John McCool, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Data Center, Switching and Services Group, and co-chair of the Cisco EcoBoard . "By providing ... (more)

IBM To Offer Cloud Cover

IBM’s going to peel off another $300 million and sink the money into building 13 clouds scattered in 10 countries around the world where business and government can tuck their data and applications against disaster and destruction. IBM calls the infrastructure expansion “massive” and says it’s the “largest of its kind and will permit IBM clients to access services that support business continuity for the first time from a cloud computing environment.” It also says it’s in answer to “surging demand.” The so-called Business Resilience Service Delivery Centers will go into Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Warsaw, Milan, Cologne, Rio de Janeiro and Brussels as well as Metro Park, New Jersey, Izmir, Turkey, Mumbai, India and some unspecified place in South Africa. IBM says it’s accelerating the build-out of its Information Protection Services business... (more)

Big Week for Cloud Computing in Silicon Valley

The GigaSpaces Blog SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Expo took place Wednesday through Friday in San Jose. Seems like everyone came in to the Bay Area for this one, so I am looking forward to meeting a lot of the folks active in cloud computing at this event. There is also talk of another Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum [Google Groups] get together around this event as well as a Silicon Valley CloudCamp. GigaSpaces CTO Nati Shalom is part of the star-studded lineup of speakers at SYS-CON's 1st International Cloud Computing Conferecne & Expo. Between them, they'll be covering every aspect of the hottest IT topic for years, with not just Amazon but also IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Intel, HP and a host of others all offering, using or developing high-end computing services typically described as “cloud computing” - through which massively scalable IT-related capab... (more)

Fort Worth Chooses Arrivos Software for Employees' Retirement Fund

Tegrit Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to implement its Arrivos pension administration system for the City of Fort Worth (TX) Employees' Retirement Fund (FWERF). Based in Livonia, MI, Tegrit Technologies will help FWERF manage and maintain its retirement program for over 9,000 members. Tegrit Technologies is a division of Tegrit Financial Group, a New York firm that develops management and financial solutions for the public sector. "We reviewed several systems and found that Arrivos was the best choice to meet our needs for improved access to and proper control of our participant data," said Wanda Valentine, deputy director of FWERF. "With this software, we will streamline our daily processes allowing us to provide enhanced services to our members." FWERF was established in 1945 with 1,209 members as a municipal retirement program dedica... (more)

Sony Ericsson C905 Gorgeous 3G 8 Megapixel Camera Phone

The C905 is a gorgeous 3G camera phone superbly designed by Sony Ericsson. The beautiful Sony C905 is a member of the Sony Ericsson C range. This slide opening phone comes with 8.1 megapixel digital camera, A GPS navigation function and music player. The large 2.4 inches TFT QVGA type screen of this phone works as a perfect viewfinder when using the camera feature. The Phone weighs 136 grams & measures 1.8cm deep by 4.9cm wide by 10.4cm tall. The phone comes in the choice of three color options that include a sleek midnight black colored casing, a subtle ice silver colored casing or a sophisticated copper gold colored casing. The phone includes 160 megabytes of internal memory plus memory card slot for further memory expansion. The 8.1 megapixel camera comes complete with a xenon flash and many other user friendly features to ensure the perfect picture is capture wh... (more)

CloudEXPO Stories
With more than 30 Kubernetes solutions in the marketplace, it's tempting to think Kubernetes and the vendor ecosystem has solved the problem of operationalizing containers at scale or of automatically managing the elasticity of the underlying infrastructure that these solutions need to be truly scalable. Far from it. There are at least six major pain points that companies experience when they try to deploy and run Kubernetes in their complex environments. In this presentation, the speaker will detail these pain points and explain how cloud can address them.
The deluge of IoT sensor data collected from connected devices and the powerful AI required to make that data actionable are giving rise to a hybrid ecosystem in which cloud, on-prem and edge processes become interweaved. Attendees will learn how emerging composable infrastructure solutions deliver the adaptive architecture needed to manage this new data reality. Machine learning algorithms can better anticipate data storms and automate resources to support surges, including fully scalable GPU-centric compute for the most data-intensive applications. Hyperconverged systems already in place can be revitalized with vendor-agnostic, PCIe-deployed, disaggregated approach to composable, maximizing the value of previous investments.
When building large, cloud-based applications that operate at a high scale, it's important to maintain a high availability and resilience to failures. In order to do that, you must be tolerant of failures, even in light of failures in other areas of your application. "Fly two mistakes high" is an old adage in the radio control airplane hobby. It means, fly high enough so that if you make a mistake, you can continue flying with room to still make mistakes. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Lee Atchison, Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate at New Relic, discussed how this same philosophy can be applied to highly scaled applications, and can dramatically increase your resilience to failure.
Machine learning has taken residence at our cities' cores and now we can finally have "smart cities." Cities are a collection of buildings made to provide the structure and safety necessary for people to function, create and survive. Buildings are a pool of ever-changing performance data from large automated systems such as heating and cooling to the people that live and work within them. Through machine learning, buildings can optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve occupant comfort by sharing information within the building and with outside city infrastructure via real time shared cloud capabilities.
As Cybric's Chief Technology Officer, Mike D. Kail is responsible for the strategic vision and technical direction of the platform. Prior to founding Cybric, Mike was Yahoo's CIO and SVP of Infrastructure, where he led the IT and Data Center functions for the company. He has more than 24 years of IT Operations experience with a focus on highly-scalable architectures.