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The photographic filters epidema also infects Twitter

Throughout this week and to mark the Meet the Experts on the future of photography we can generate an interesting debate around photography we do from the mobile phone, their vices and virtues. Unsurprisingly, Instagram and photographic filters, by the way they are conditioning the evolution of photography, have been good protragonismo share. Twitter is not to be less and works in filters for your own social network.
Saturation, epidemic, plague … any of these words I used to define the current landscape drawn by the evil triangle shaping social networking, photography and precooked filters. Last week I wondered what the worst habits considerabais when exercising picture from your phone, not casulidad, many fingers pointed in the same direction: Instagram and filters.
Make no mistake, Instagram is not the problem, it's the excuse. Instagram is the goose that lays the golden eggs, a fresh new social network concept embraced the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words or 140 characters. This has served to be sold to the highest bidder, in this case Facebook, although Twitter also bid for it.

People do not use Instagram for the quality and quantity of your filters, there are countless applications infinitely better for editing our pictures. In fact I am convinced that a significant number of their users upload pictures edited with other applications. Some, inluso, use Instagram without having the slightest interest in photography.
Companies do not care about anything but making money taking advantage of the situation, whatever. If fashion photography is placed there because the network and what they can catch. Flickr already released a mobile app with filters and bleeding of network users do not seem to have diminished. Now is Twitter which is pulled into the pool with the idea of ​​betting on the filters.
Perhaps the smartest of the class has been Facebook that rather than trying to copy the formula directly fagocitarla bet on Instagram. Yet the binomial Facebook, Instagram seems to become a kind of Yin-Yang and whether an inherited virtual appearance of the other Facebook who now also includes filters on your camera.
Among all going to get bored and tired of both filter photography precooked and so repeatedly. At that time the goose that lays the golden eggs will stop them and our eyes rest.

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