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COMPUTER SAYS ‘NO’ - New research shows frustration induced by PC problems is reaching new levels

'Frustration Zone' launched to help release PC irritations

Thursday 15th November, 2012 - Slow, poor-performing PCs are making Brits increasingly frustrated. According to research released today, the issue has become such a pain point that some Brits would much rather visit the dentist, queue for hours or be put on hold by a call centre for more than 10 minutes, than face a snail-paced computer.

Whether it's a slow start-up or the loss of precious files and documents, the annoyance caused by PCs letting us down has sky rocketed. Over a third of those surveyed find a slow PC just as aggravating as an airline losing their luggage and as infuriating as finding fraudulent charges on a credit card. For almost one in three Brits, the frustration is on par with losing a mobile phone.

To help ease the pains of computer annoyances, a 'Frustration Zone' has been set up to release pent-up stress and help users be friends with their PCs again. Fed up PC lovers can smash plates, hit out at punch bags and thump a boxer punch machine in a bid to tame tempers.

Gadget Expert, Suzi Perry, who officially launched the Frustration Zone, commented: "There's nothing more frustrating than a slow PC. We've all suffered from sluggish computers at one point or another - we've missed deadlines, lost work and been driven to despair by machines grinding to a painful halt. Although it can be frustrating, the key is to resist the urge to smash something as there are lots of simple and effective ways to get your tech back up to speed. If you can't resist the rage, the Frustration Zone is the perfect place to vent that pent up fury."

The Frustration Zone has been set up by Be Friends with your PC, a campaign that encourages people to think about the performance (speed and stability) of their PCs.

For tips and tricks to speed up your computer, visit: Be Friends with your PC - http://bit.ly/TOKJQd


Notes to Editors
Research conducted by OnePoll with a sample of 1,000 UK adult respondents.

The Frustration Zone will be at Cabot Circus Shopping Centre, Bristol, on Thursday 15th November.

Images of Suzi Perry officially opening the Frustration Zone will be available from 2pm Thursday 15th November.

For more information, additional imagery or to request an interview, please contact the Be Friends With Your PC press office at onechocolate communications on 0207 437 0227 or [email protected]

About Be Friends with your PC
Be Friends with your PC is a campaign that encourages people to think about the performance (speed and stability) of their PCs. Most people experience frustrations with their PCs every day - such as slow start-ups, freezing, crashing and clutter - and this initiative aims to educate users on how they can solve these issues and become friends with their PCs again.

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