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Pintofeed, automatic feeder dog or cat that is controlled from a smartphone

Today from the cell phone we can see what is happening in our home with simple monitoring systems or we can open the door with only one combination of numbers that also we entered through our smartphone. Until we can control a computer, even when you are thousands of miles.
Every time you are automating more and more products and remote monitoring is becoming part of our lives.
Soon the remote control will benefit our pets, because with PintoFeed soon plus we feed, despite being hundreds of miles from our house.
Is not yet on sale, is a project that is trying to raise Indigogo $ 50,000 to start producing.
This feeder which serves both for dogs and for cats, works in two ways. An automatic feeder as any of which there are several in the market. The second way is through a simple mobile application, with which we can send the order to serve a food ration.
Besides feeding the dog or cat, indicating monitored through the application that the food was served, if our mascot began to eat, as he ate and when.
The sale price is $ 149. Then have a demo video,

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